When we sold our first parcel of rough diamonds almost a century ago, we had one simple belief. That to grow as a company, you have to build relationships of trust with both suppliers and customers. For our customers that means delivering reliable assortments. And for our suppliers it means maintaining a continuity of demand.

By understanding the needs of both ends of the process we have forged a strong set of alliances.
Our customers expect precisely defined standards of colour, size, shape and purity. And that is precisely what we deliver. By providing no less than 187 types of grading. Their requirements can also vary considerably from very large to unusually small orders. We provide both and ensure a supply of rough they can depend on to keep their production running smoothly.

Customers also want to feel confident about the provenance of their diamonds. With us they always know where their diamonds are sourced. And if they need help with any aspect of finance, marketing or technical support, we are happy to provide it.
But relationships of trust are just as important for our suppliers.

A diamond is eternal.
And a good trading partnership should last as long.

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